Amazon Creates A New Level Of Fair Play Following Complaints From The Australian Retail Association

Amazon Creates A New Level Of Fair Play Following Complaints From The Australian Retail Association

It’s quite a common thing for Amazon seller advocacy to make a change to its general terms and conditions from time to time. Now, the giant retail platform had clamped down on a lot of sellers leading to a loss of means of livelihood for many people. A number of these sellers couldn’t understand why they had been suspended. There were grievances from all angles. Some sellers charged Amazon for infringement. However, the main set of lawyers who sue Amazon was from the Australian Retail Association. Finally, it was able to get Amazon legal services to change eight terms and conditions to suit all sellers on the giant retail platform.

The Australian Retail sector was able to score big against Amazon legal services earlier this year. This forced this large platform to change vital aspects of the terms and conditions to suit sellers (domestic). The complaints about the Amazon seller Advocacy was lodged officially at the Federal Competition Authority. All of the changes made by Amazon legal help have come into play as of August 16, 2019.

A big advantage for FairCommerce

These changes to the Amazon plan of action have come as a grey advantage to help sellers when dealing with this huge online platform. There was excellent work from the lawyer who sues Amazon. They managed to bring credible evidence brought against the platform.

There are a good number of Australian sellers on Amazon. Some of these dealers were only coming to terms with establishing a working relationship with Amazon. They have had to stay compliant with certain regulations and also paid fees.

Amazon had been in total control and completely dictated how its market ran. It had made things stuff and to make it worse, new rules made it easier to fall victim to the Amazon suspension. Basically, someone needed to keep Amazon in check and the Australian Retail Association did all the heavy lifting. A lot of brands and sellers rely on this retail giant but the Amazon suspension services have gotten stricter. Don’t expect Amazon legal help to do much to keep affected accounts from being suspended.

A lot of reviewing went into the operations of the Amazon suspension services. However, the Amazon lawyer didn’t put up much of a fight. They quickly set up such changes and put them into play some months ago.

Things have never looked better for dealers on this platform as they constantly seek to avoid the dreaded Amazon suspension. Amazon plan of action was to eliminate virtually any form of trading of counterfeit goods on the platform. Previously, they had set up measures so strictly that even a single bad review could get a seller’s account suspended. This Amazon POA affected a number of people, including Australians. All of these sellers depended on this retail platform to earn profits and live their best lives. It has affected a number of sellers across the platform but now, changes have come to the general terms and conditions guiding sellers. These changes have even allowed sellers a mandatory 30-day notice period, removal of disclaimers and have offered these sellers a lot more advantages

Everyone is quite happy about these changes due to the increased advantage which it offers all domestic dealers.

Amazon legal services are designed to offer the best protection to the biggest brands and keep sellers happy. Due to this, the smaller brands are suffering its effects. The whole ruckus arose from Amazon’s initial leniency to unauthorized sellers. Amazon legal help seemingly turned a blind eye as this influx of sellers allowed it to grow exponentially. This increased presence of unauthorized sellers scared the bigger brands as their products were everywhere. The big brands around the world threatened to leave the retail platform. In a bid to make amendments to the Amazon seller advocacy, there were changes to the Amazon POA and things got harsher for other online dealers.

Disgruntled and suspended sellers have made certain complaints to the Amazon consultant but things are difficult for them to fix. Amazon suspension is automated and if the cases are left for too long, there would hardly be any favorable options for these dealers. Amazon suspension is bad for sellers because it leads to the loss of a lot of money. The Australian Retail Association has stood up to the Amazon suspension and has won a battle for sellers around. The Amazon suspension is still very much active but now sellers are being cut a lot more slack.

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