Amazon Marketplace Scams, Sellers Appeal To The Court For Reinstatement

Amazon Marketplace Scams, Sellers Appeal To The Court For Reinstatement

Amazon is a marketplace where sellers and buyers meet for the exchange of goods for money. There is a very high chance that the products you purchased on Amazon belong to one of the numerous independent retailers who list their products on the e-commerce platform. This information is mostly hidden from consumers. You might not know who precisely from which you’re buying. So, buying online at times can be likened to blind shopping. However, consumers are promised excellent Amazon seller advocacy to ensure that they get the worth of their money. But does that work always?

Even though third-party sellers on Amazon are bound by strict rules and regulations, they still find a way to scam buyers. Amazon threatens many of these sellers with penalties such as Amazon suspension. As though the punishment is not enough to curb their excesses, these retailers still cheat buyers on the platform.

What is Amazon’s stance on paying for fake reviews?

One of the ways third-party sellers cheat consumers is buying fake reviews. Most buyers rely on reviews to judge the quality of a product. Sadly, most of the product reviews are cooked up by some people in their tiny offices.

Amazon has a strict policy against sellers cheating consumers in any way. The e-commerce company conducts a screening which exposes fake reviews on its platform. Sellers who are found in this lousy indulgence are faced first with a temporary Amazon seller account suspension. Depending on the results of the investigation, the temporary punishment could lead to a permanent Amazon suspension. That is, such a seller no longer has the rights to sell on the retail platform. However, affected sellers are given an opportunity to seek redress if they feel they have been unfairly suspended. Most of these defaulters resort to seeking Amazon legal help from Amazon account suspension attorney with the hope of reinstating their account.

How are Amazon sellers using this policy to their advantage?

Amazon consultants work together with sellers on the platform to optimize sales. Some of these consultants, however, take advantage of Amazon’s policy to get their competitors suspended. There are sellers in the marketplace who have devised a trick of paying people to post bad reviews on their rival’s products. Writers who do these are quite easy to find these days; mostly on freelancing platforms. Freelance writing platforms also frown at the people who seek and those who render these services. These negative feedbacks raise a lot of flags and lead to the possible Amazon seller account suspension of the competitor.

How can the affected competitor get their Suspended Amazon seller’s account reinstated?

According to an ASIN reinstatement attorney, Plansky Stine, the only way a suspended seller can restore their account is by confessing their crimes, guilty or not. Apologizing for the wrongdoing and making promises to change is the way to suspension recovery. Sellers can seek professionals to guide them through the Amazon account suspension appeal process. These specialists also guide suspended retailers by writing an Amazon plan of action. Writing an Amazon POA, however, does not guarantee an outright reinstatement of the account. Amazon product appeal service focuses on the seller’s perspective about changing what got them suspended. For instance, if Amazon suspends your account for selling used goods as a brand new one.  Amazon’s admin is concerned if the product is new and why the client thinks the product is used. Was the label on the delivery box peeling? Was there a default or scratch on the delivered item that tipped the consumer off? Hence, the need to write an excellent Amazon POA.

How to appeal for account reinstatement

Amazon sellers lawyers have sprouted up all over America because of the intricacies involved in filing an Amazon suspended account appeal. Amazon suspension lawyers charge as high as $2,500 from suspended sellers. Some ASIN reinstatement attorney cost $5000 for expedite Amazon suspension help. This price might seem a bit high, but no price tag is too high as long as these third-party retailers get their Amazon account reinstated. Amazon suspension attorneys decode the hidden meaning in suspension messages, find the erring pattern in the reviews and then device the right Amazon plan of action required for filing for an appeal. The Amazon reinstatement specialist consults with other Amazon suspension consultants on the ways of getting the Amazon suspension reversed.

A seller had his Amazon account suspended because a customer said in her 5-star review that a fragment from the wood injured her hand, which led to bleeding. The seller had his account suspended despite the 5-star review. He was only reinstated after his Amazon reinstatement lawyer filed for Amazon suspension recovery and he agreed to add gloves to his delivery package. The worst part about Amazon account suspension is that Amazon freezes the earnings in a seller’s account until Amazon suspension recovery occurs.

Does Amazon think its suspension is harsh and unfair in most cases?

No! Amazon does not think the suspension is in any way, mean or unfair. The retail company insists that it is committed to its clients to get the best value for their money. Amazon also maintains that sellers are subjected to swift action according to the agreement signed by the sellers when they opened the account. There are a lot of justifiable suspensions such as a man attempting to sell hand grenades on Amazon and people who peddle of stolen goods.

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