Amazon Seller Suspension: 6 Mistakes To Avoid

Amazon Seller Suspension: 6 Mistakes To Avoid

The greatest fear shared by all sellers on the world’s largest marketplace: The Amazon account suspension. Dreaded by all because of its severe consequences, receiving an account suspension can be quite shocking and debilitating. You are denied access to your account, your customers, and potential earnings. When this occurs, sellers begin the plan of action to submit an Amazon account suspended appeal that may remain pending for weeks or months. Sometimes these suspended accounts are restored, and other times, over 70% of the times, the accounts remain banned for life.

The best way to avoid this dreadful situation and to permanently allay constant fear of falling victim is to be familiar and understand the dos and don’ts of the Amazon marketplace.

Below are six costly and avoidable mistakes that a seller must be acquainted with to avert an Amazon seller account suspension.

Mistake 1 – Never Ignore Price Parity

Amazon states in its contract that the total price of your product sold elsewhere on some other site cannot be lower than the cost of that product on Amazon. To enforce this law, Amazon runs a routine check on all its sellers; thinking you won’t get caught is out of the question.

 How to Avoid It?

  • All staff working for you must be duly and adequately informed, so no one breaks this rule.
  • Use repricing software to create automated price lists. This helps you to set your Amazon price as the lowest across all platforms.

Mistake 2 – Directing Shoppers Away from Amazon

Referring to other sales channels that belong to you is a huge NO! Most sellers like to do this, which earns them a quick ban. There are also subtle ways you may be flouting this rule unbeknownst to you.  Some of them have been outlined below.

How to Avoid It?

Be especially careful you are not doing any of these:

  • Adding personalized watermark to your product details.
  • Using advertising text in pictures.
  • Adding .com, .net, .org, or any other suffixes of a domain to your seller name.
  • Giving a description of yourself or business in the product descriptions.
  • Adding logos with links that redirect shoppers outside Amazon

Mistake 3 – Putting out several Product Detail Pages

The only time you can create a product detail page is when no other detail for that product exists. New sellers often make this mistake. Instead of checking for an existing product detail page, they create not just one, but many duplicates which inevitably leads to suspension.

How to Avoid It?

  • Ensure to search for the ASIN or UPC of a product to know if it has an already existing product detail page.
  • Cross-reference the UPC of a product with other product identifiers.
  • Understand that there is a difference between UPC for single products and products in bundles.

Mistake 4 – Getting A Lot of Bad Reviews

Amazon prides itself as the best marketplace in the world, and it owes this to the continuous patronage of its customers. Repeatedly getting bad reviews from customers is the fastest way to get an Amazon account suspension. In fact, this sort of suspension may not be remedied by taking an Amazon plan of action and submitting an account suspended appeal. Sometimes, this is not necessarily due to the sales of inferior products, but due to poor inventory and shipping management.

How to Avoid It?

  • Manage your inventory effectively, so you don’t run out of stock and have to cancel an order. This will undoubtedly leave you with a negative review. You can use inventory management software such as ecomdash to prevent overselling.
  • Always make sure product descriptions are stated very clearly and free of ambiguity. This helps to make sure customers know what to expect, avoiding disappointments which lead to negative reviews.
  • Politely ask for feedback from customers after a successful transaction. This way, you earn more positive reviews.

Mistake 5 – Abusing Ratings and Reviews

Make sure to watch your reviews as they can fetch you a ban. Use ratings and reviews according to the required stipulations by Amazon.

How to Avoid It?

  • Don’t post any derogatory, abusive, or insulting remarks as feedback to your buyers.
  • Do not post feedback to your account.
  • Do not pay for positive feedbacks or the removal of negative reviews.

Mistake 6 – Breaking the Seller Code of Conduct 

The Seller Code of Conduct of Amazon may seem simple. However, failure to review may cause you to make some common mistakes.

How to Avoid It?

  • Tell the truth at all times, providing only accurate information on Amazon. If Amazon detects any lies, your account will be suspended immediately.
  • Dangerous products should not be listed on Amazon. Any product that may harm a buyer is forbidden.
  • Don’t engage in shady deals or try to coerce or cajole customers. Once Amazon catches wind of any suspicious or foul behavior, your Amazon seller account may be suspended.

Amazon, like other companies, can sometimes make mistakes and issue unfair suspensions. If your account has been unfairly suspended, you should immediately begin an Amazon plan of action to restore it. If all else fails, then you can employ the services of an Amazon suspension lawyer.

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