Amazon Sellers Who Were Suspended Before Prime Day Are Now Faced With Two Complicated Options

Amazon Sellers Who Were Suspended Before Prime Day Are Now Faced With Two Complicated Options

Amazon Prime Day is a giant shopping bonanza. It usually is a time for small and medium-sized businesses to experience a massive amount of growth. Yes, it proved to be a time where a lot of these businesses raked in thousands of dollars worth of profit. But some days before Prime day, many third-party sellers fell victim to the Amazon suspension. As we have all come to know, coming back from an Amazon suspension can be quite tough.

An example of such sellers was a specific online third-party seller, Diana Schappert. On July 9, 2018, Schappert got an e-mail from Amazon that her trading account had been suspended. This action caused a lot of loss for her family business; Cheapstakes Liquidators.

Since mid-March 2018, the Schappert family has been out of business. Their constant efforts to get their account reinstated proved abortive; patronizing several Amazon suspension services didn’t seem to solve their problem.

The Schappert business was suspended due to consistent complaints that they sell inauthentic goods. The Schappert’s tried to prove to their innocence by employing an Amazon lawyer on different occasions, but all have been to no avail. Nothing seems to be getting through to the big retail platform. It’s unclear if the Amazon attorney hasn’t gone through their appeals appropriately or this is a bit of example of bad Amazon seller advocacy.

Amazon manages to rake in billions of dollars from its Prime Day event. However, several online dealers were exempt from participating in this day and earning their profit because defaulted one of Amazon’s rules and regulations by selling inauthentic products. Third-party sellers constitute a considerable proportion of this retail platform’s revenue generation.

Due to the rising number of Amazon seller suspension, there is a resultant increase in sellers who seek Amazon legal services. The specialists in charge of Amazon seller suspension cases reported that the sellers come with complicated cases because they don’t seem to understand the reasons why they lost their selling rights. There are many forums with sellers complaining about being suspended without clarity. Some sellers who resorted to employing Amazon consultants lamented that they couldn’t get the help they needed. These sellers continuously seek advice on how to get reinstated. They all think they’ve been blocked unfairly and without consideration.

Amazon, however, claims to have suspended the Schapperts for selling counterfeit goods but there were numerous appeals from the family to handle these claims.

Even more, they are left with two complicated options. Their first option is to keep their inventory worth $200,00 with the retail company. However, these would result in monthly fees rose as high as $367.37. This is not such a good deal for the Schapperts because they were making no money all these while. They have spent dollars trying to get suspended Amazon ASIN reinstatement services. The second is no better as the Schapperts have to pay 50 cents per item to get their goods shipped to them. The total cost would end being worth thousands of dollars. The longer the Schapperts delay while trying to use the help of reinstatement lawyers, the higher the risk of losing more money.

The reasons behind the suspensions

Lately, this platform has been looking for ways to fight fans’ goods. In a bid to protect the big brands and improve customer service, Amazon is trying desperately to flush out unauthorized sellers. Now, the Amazon suspension can be triggered by as little as a single review about inauthentic goods. It’s quite clear that these actions are automated, but not helping anyone.

Yes, the Cheapskate liquidators have faced some infringement complaints, but each time has managed to deal with this complaint with invoices and required documents.

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