California Supports Amazon Sellers With New Sales Tax Laws

California Supports Amazon Sellers With New Sales Tax Laws

The Amazon dealer has been subject to Amazon Sales Tax Laws for quite some time. A seller on this platform has to comply with these laws to ensure that they avoid the Amazon suspension. Especially now that Amazon’s rules and policies are all out to get defaulting suppliers. This has led to specific changes in this retail platform’s sales tax policies. There have been several scenarios where Amazon has had to contend with Amazon sellers attorneys. This is expected to happen since defaulting suppliers run to these lawyers for Amazon suspensions help. The marketplace has become a battleground for both Amazon and third-party sellers.

The New Dawn

However, there’s good news as the state of California is looking to make things easier for these sellers. California joins a number of US states which require big retail brands to collect taxes on in-state sales. This tax is collected on behalf of dealers on these sites. States which are involved in this new policy change include; California, Iowa, Minnesota, Connecticut, Alabama, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Washington, South Carolina, New Jersey, Nebraska, District of Colombia and South Dakota.

California also raised the tax which is levied on sellers outside the state for in-sale states. Online suppliers outside the state will, henceforth, pay no sales tax on transactions made into the state. However, the tax will be charged if their in-state sales are above $500,000. This comes as a lot of good news for these suppliers. Previously, dealers outside the state were limited to only 200 transactions in a year or $100,000. Small businesses can also take advantage of this new law to rake in more profit while dodging Amazon suspension.

Due to the new development concerning the Amazon seller advocacy, changes needed to be made to satisfy online sellers. Even so, sellers should avoid Amazon suspension by not hiking the prices of their products. Also, all online dealers must be clear about where they stand. Hence, online sellers who are unclear about how these affect them can contact an Amazon lawyer or Amazon consultant for proper guidance.

The Revolution Fighters

According to reports, the new law in California is due to cooperation from a group of online suppliers who rose up to fight the strict policies. As a united front, there was a better chance of usurping the retail giant. The entire members of the marketplace, including Amazon sellers lawyers, were involved in the whole process.

The retail giant doesn’t care who sells on its platform as long its primary goal – profit-making – is achieved. When trying to sell your goods on this platform, the same rules apply to everyone. However, online dealers realized that there is a need for flexibility in these laws to accommodate everyone, including women and minority sellers.

The primary concern of the Californian government is to provide better conditions for dealers in the state. Speculations stated that sellers outside the state were at an advantage because of the laws, but appropriate changes have now been made to suit different parties involved. These policy changes have checkmated the Amazon POA, and the state of California is getting all the kind remarks.

A lawsuit of four months comes to an end.

Victory didn’t come easy as there were a lot of end-end actions for four months. Basically, the Amazon lawyer had to contend with the state and a host of witnesses. There were also some lawyers who sue Amazon. In the long run, online sellers got their wish.

Amazon and a host of other online retail platforms supported the law. It’s even more impressive to see that this platform expressed its concern for online sellers and small businesses by supporting this law. It makes a lot of sense to help small businesses from harsh policies. Probably, more states will follow suit this action, but there is yet to be any action.

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