What To Do If Amazon Marketplace Suspends You?

Amazon Marketplace is one of the best places where you can sell your products. You’ll have a strong chance at increasing your sales totals if you post your items for sale through Amazon Marketplace thanks to the added exposure you’ll receive. But what happens when your Amazon Standard Identification Number and your page are suspended? The ASIN suspension recovery process can be frustrating. You may require Amazon Legal Help to get your account back up and running.

Having an ASIN can be profitable. But you’d have to follow extremely specific and strict rules arranged by Amazon to keep your business online. Amazon uses many automatic triggers that lead to seller account suspensions. Amazon frequently shuts down pages that fail to follow the rules. The worst part is that even with the best Amazon legal services, it is hard for retailers to get back online. An account suspended appeal could be fruitless sometimes.

The worst part is that Amazon isn’t willing to help people who are flagged. Amazon’s support team can also hassle those who have been incorrectly flagged. Some of the responses that sellers can come across on the Amazon support forum can be hostile. The support group may be accusatory to any retailer that receives a suspension. It would be next to impossible for your future Amazon plan of action or POA to move forward in the hopes of getting back on the site.

It’s challenging to get an account suspended appeal to move forward. But you can use a few points from Amazon suspension consultants to help you with getting back on the site. Let’s look at some of the things you can do when aiming to get back on Amazon after a suspension.

Look At the Reason For Suspension

Amazon should provide you with full details on why the suspend is in effect. But the explanation behind your Amazon suspension might not always be as thorough or specific as you wish it could be. You may find that Amazon’s description of your suspension is overly technical.

Here are some of the various reasons as to why Amazon might suspend your account:

1. You’re not performing well enough.

Amazon has extremely specific rules surrounding how well its sellers can perform. Considering Amazon seller advocacy entails making sales processes simple for all to handle. Amazon suspension consultants have found that there are many good reasons why your suspension is intact:

  •   Your order deflection rate is too high; more than 1 percent of your orders may be deflected 
  •   You’re canceling too many orders before you can fulfill them; you could be suspended if you cancel more than 2.5 percent of your orders before that point
  •   You’re not shipping things on time; you may be suspended if your late shipment rate exceeds 4 percent
  •   Customers are not satisfied with the return process for whatever reason 
  •   You are violating various policies surrounding your Amazon page
  •   You’re not delivering things on time; an Amazon suspension lawyer may claim the issue is not always be your fault
  •   It is hard for people to track what you are shipping
  •  The customers aren’t happy with your customer service efforts 
  •  It takes a while for you to respond to customer service queries

You’d have to keep your account as healthy as possible, although sometimes these factors may go well outside your control.

2. You’re violating seller policies.

You should review the standards Amazon has for its sellers before you start working. You have to note all your product details to ensure you’re not violating Amazon’s rules when getting your products out there. There are many rules that you have to follow, although an Amazon seller lawyer may argue that the work isn’t easy for all people to follow. He would recommend that you look at these points regardless:

  •  Review the details and info on each product you have. Everything must match up with Amazon’s policies.
  •  Make sure you look at any agreements or policies that you’re going to follow. You can’t get on Amazon unless you agree to these points.
  • Review whatever updates Amazon has for these rules. Amazon should let you know when changes will occur, although the company may forget to do this on occasion.

It would be easier for you to avoid getting suspended if you know the rules. You can also use your knowledge of those standards if you are suspended. With the help of Amazon sellers attorneys, you can use your understanding of these details to help negotiate your way back on the site.

3. You may also be selling or showing off prohibited items.

Just because you can find lots of things on Amazon doesn’t mean that everything is available. Amazon legal services should remind you of what you should not be listing. There are various restricted products that Amazon does not want people to sell. These products to avoid putting into your Amazon plan of action include the following:

  • Alcohol
  • Animals and other animal-related products
  • Cosmetics and other personal care items
  • Currency and gift cards or anything else used for bartering
  • Dietary supplements, particularly ones that are not FDA-approved
  • Drugs and drug-related items; this includes tobacco
  • Gambling-related items
  • Laser-based items
  • Pesticides and other compounds
  • Plants and other organic things
  • Service plans and warranties
  • Sexually-influenced items or sexual favors

Many lawyers who sue Amazon have found it entails how vague the site can get over these products. It is often difficult for people to distinguish between products in some categories. An Amazon seller attorney may find that people have different definitions for what constitutes as “organic” or “gambling-related” among other points. You’d still have to look at your site to ensure you’re not selling anything that might be interpreted as restricted. Be aware of any notices on your account as well; you might have to take action with Amazon if you come across any warnings.

Appealing the Suspension

You have the option to appeal an Amazon suspension. You can do this by going to the Amazon Seller Central part of your account. Go to the Performance section, then Performance Notifications, and finally Location Suspension Notice. Click the Appeal option to start the process. But you’ll need to get a good Amazon plan of action or POA up and running before you begin the appeal process. There are a few things you’ll need to do to make this work:

1. Figure out the recovery plan based on the issues leading to your suspension.

Your plan of action should include a review of whatever items caused you to be suspended from the site. You can review your metrics to see if there are any feedback or shipping-related issues as well. Any comments that people leave on your page may also be reviewed. You can use the details in your recovery plan to handle your work as soon as possible. Account suspended attorney would recommend that you look at what works for you.

2. Look at the steps that you plan on taking to prevent a similar problem from occurring later. The steps must be sensible and easy to understand.

3. List some of the positives surrounding your store. You need to highlight what makes your page a valuable addition to Amazon.

It can take about 48 hours for your page to get back online after the appeal starts. But you can improve upon your chances when you have a better Amazon plan of action ready. You have to let Amazon know what you did wrong and what you plan on doing to ensure it does not happen again. An Amazon sellers lawyer would recommend that you be as thorough as possible to improve your chances.

A Secret Idea For Your Appeal

One unique idea to consider when getting your Amazon appeal working entails sending a detailed Amazon plan of action to Amazon TRMS. The Transaction Risk Management Team can be accessed at seller-performance@amazon.com. This part of Amazon legal help should make it easier for you to grow online. You can produce our  Amazon POA with a few points

1. Make sure your POA is on formal letterhead.
2. Discuss any efforts you’re putting in with a Solutions Integrator for managing inventory data.
3. List the issue in question based on the original findings.
4. Mention the quality control efforts that are in play for future use. These quality assurance processes should mention what makes your site outstanding.
5. Always be professional when discussing your work, but don’t be confrontational. Be friendly over what you’re trying to mention.

Amazon suspension consultants recommend all of these efforts. But there is no guarantee that these steps will work. Amazon legal service providers suggest that all efforts that you put in should work based on the best interests that customers and society have. You’ll have to confirm that what you’re doing is worthwhile and attractive to customers.


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